10 Best Things to Do in San Antonio, Texas

10 Best Things to Do in San Antonio, Texas

Thinking of dropping by San Antonio but not sure which sights to take in? Here are our top 10 best sights
and things to do while in the city:


1. The Alamo

The Alamo stands as a tribute to the 189 brave Texans who held out during a 13-day siege by the
Mexican ruler, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, in 1836. It features artifacts from the many famous
defenders like James Bowie and Davy Crockett. The site also features a museum and gift shop.

2. Brackenridge Park

Brackenridge Park offers natural trails and is home to several other popular attractions such as the
Japanese Tea Gardens, the Sunken Garden Theater, San Antonio Botanical Garden, the Witte Museum
as well as the San Antonio Zoo. It also has a train that goes around the park, allowing guests to get
around easier. The park is featured in most San Antonio tour packages.


3. Natural Bridge Caverns

The largest known natural caves in the country can be found in the Natural Bridge Caverns. On top of
enjoying the amazing natural rock formations, there is also a replica mining town. Here kids can go
through a small maze and pan for gold and other gems. The site got its name from the limestone slab
that resembles a bridge found at the entrance of the cave’s amphitheater.

4. San Fernando Cathedral

San Fernando Cathedral is one of the oldest in the country, constructed by the colonists from the Canary
Islands back in 1738. It is still an active place of worship and is believed that many heroes from The
Alamo are buried in the graveyard with unmarked tombs. The church also holds frequent light shows in
the evenings.

5. Majestic Theatre

The Majestic Theater is the largest and oldest theater in the city. It was designed in 1929 by John
Eberson. It boasts a 2,311-seating capacity as well as being the first theater in the state to get air
conditioning. It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1993.

6. River Walk

The Paseo del Rio is San Antonio’s most famous tourist attraction. It goes along the banks of the San
Antonio River, which runs through the center of the city. It also connects to other major attractions such
as the San Antonio Museum of Art and Brackenridge Park. Each side of the river is lined with
restaurants, cafes, hotels, and boutiques.

7. Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is a drive-thru safari spanning 400 acres. At least 40 different species make
up the 500 animals that roam the area freely. Visitors are given a free bag of food with the entrance fee.


8. San Antonio Museum of Art

The San Antonio Museum of Art is home to a collection that spans 5,000 years of international culture. It
features a gift shop and a cafe as well for when you’re done looking through the 30,000+ pieces on
display. The museum opened for public viewing in 1981 and has been a must-see location for both
visitors and locals.

9. San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

History buffs would most likely be interested in visiting San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. It
is here that San Antonio’s historic missions are all located. They are a tribute to the success of
Catholicism spreading through the southwest and eventually reaching Mexico.

10. San Antonio Market Square

The San Antonio Market Square is always lively and allows locals and visitors alike to immerse
themselves in Mexican culture. The outdoor plaza spans three blocks lined with many restaurants and
specialty shops featuring Mexican craftsmanship and artistry.


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