San Antonio Travel and living guide

San Antonio Visitors and residents alike enjoy the charm and culture of the Alamo City. Our warm people, enjoyable setting and cultural flair make for a wonderful place to visit as well as a comfortable place to live. These is no shortage of sights, attractions and things to do in San Antonio. Our city is home to numerous shopping and entertainment venues as well as some of the best restaurants and dining in the world.

Information San Antonio is a website dedicated to sharing this beautiful and historic city with visitors, from the point of view of locals. We live and work in San Antonio and can attest to its enjoyable atmosphere. From the Riverwalk and Alamo downtown to the rugged Hill Country, San Antonio Texas is truly a remarkable and unique city to be enjoyed by visitors and residents alike.

Things to see and do in San Antonio

To See And Do in San Antonio

San Antonio is full of activities with an abundance of places to see and things to do. In addition to the places, locations, and venues that are in San Antonio, this city hosts events that are sights and attractions in themselves. The Alamo city has its week long Fiesta every year where we celebrate and honor the memories of the fallen heroes from the battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto. Our military presence affords San Antonian's and visitors the enjoyment of air shows and other military sponsored events. San Antonio is full of entertainment venues, historical places, theme parks, and more events and attractions than visitors and locals realize. There are things to see in San Antonio as well as things to do in San Antonio for families, couples, individuals, and groups that want to share in the city's many opportunities for fun and enjoyment. Each side of San Antonio as well as surrounding areas play host to venues and entertaining activities and sights. The cultural flair of San Antonio can be seen and experienced all over the city but our rich Mexican heritage is primarily experienced in and around downtown along with the south and west sides of town.

To See and Do in Downtown San Antonio

Downtown San Antonio is full of opportunities for both the active and laid back tourist. San Antonio visitors can spend an entire trip staying in the downtown area and never be at a loss for things to do. The downtown San Antonio area boasts several of the city's most notable attractions including the Riverwalk, Tower of the Americas and the Alamo. Walking tours are for the most part self guided but several organizations offer walking tour guides for the downtown San Antonio area, including the King William area. A suggestion would be to contact the San Antonio Conservation Society to obtain information such as maps and brochures for exploring historical markers and historic places.

Most visitors to downtown San Antonio, whether on business or pleasure, want to see the Alamo and walk on the Riverwalk. Both are free to experience and easy to find for visitors unfamiliar with the city. Any hotel desk or downtown retail outlet will point tourists in the right direction. Know that San Antonio is an extremely visitor friendly city and seeing that tourism is one of our largest industries and revenue generators, all of the locals and businesses will happily help visitors with requests. So don't feel you're visiting San Antonio blindly before coming here. We all participate in helping San Antonio tourists and visitors get to places they want to be or see.

To See and Do Across San Antonio

Attractions - Places and sights such as the San Antonio Zoo, the Riverwalk, Tower of the Americas, and Sea World for families interested in some of San Antonio's notorious and enjoyable places.

Recreation - Outdoor recreational activities in San Antonio's parks and golf courses

Outdoors - Things to do in San Antonio's great outdoors such as hunting, fishing, and enjoying one of our many area lakes around San Antonio.

San Antonio Shopping - Places to go shopping abound all across San Antonio for all types of products, fashion and clothing. Learn about specialty shopping malls and area shopping centers.

Day Trips - Take a day trip to do any number of things in one of San Antonio's outlying communities or surrounding towns or enjoy a day trip in any number of small towns in the hill country north of San Antonio.

Entertainment - Learn all about sports venues, movie theaters, stage theater or places to enjoy the nightlife and San Antonio's music scene.

Annual Events - Enjoy annual events such as Fiesta and the San Antonio rodeo.

Historic San Antonio - See any number of San Antonio's famous historic landmarks, buildings, Spanish Missions or the world-famous Alamo.

San Antonio Festivals - San Antonio and the surrounding communities are home to numerous festivals celebrating heritage and cultural uniqueness.

Tourist Advice - Recommendations for tourists and visitors coming to San Antonio.

Budget Tourism - Learn about how to visit San Antonio within your budget.