San Antonio Travel and living guide

San Antonio Visitors and residents alike enjoy the charm and culture of the Alamo City. Our warm people, enjoyable setting and cultural flair make for a wonderful place to visit as well as a comfortable place to live. These is no shortage of sights, attractions and things to do in San Antonio. Our city is home to numerous shopping and entertainment venues as well as some of the best restaurants and dining in the world.

Information San Antonio is a website dedicated to sharing this beautiful and historic city with visitors, from the point of view of locals. We live and work in San Antonio and can attest to its enjoyable atmosphere. From the Riverwalk and Alamo downtown to the rugged Hill Country, San Antonio Texas is truly a remarkable and unique city to be enjoyed by visitors and residents alike.

Major San Antonio Companies

San Antonio has numerous major companies and industries that hire a large part of our available work force. These companies and organizations include public and private companies operating both locally and internationally. Listed here are the organizations that all San Antonio residents are familiar with, knowing them as pillars of our local economy, philanthropic environment and city make-up.

Frost National Bank

San Antonio is the headquarters for Frost Bank, the largest regional bank in Texas employing over 1,000 Alamo city residents. Frost is by far the bank of choice among San Antonio residents and is a pillar of the state financial services community as well as a major employer in San Antonio and statewide. Frost is also a bank that has been able to weather economic downturns and scary financial times during periods of nationwide turmoil. The focus of Frost Bank is to serve Texas and Texans. They don't try to go across state lines to open new branches or service centers for expansion. Frost is one of the strongest banks in the nation and is the cornerstone for banking in the Lone Star State, headquartered right here in San Antonio.

Valero Energy Corporation

Valero has long been based in San Antonio and has grown into a national energy giant. Valero operates refineries across the nation with almost half of them operating in Texas. The Valero headquarters in San Antonio moved from two buildings near Trinity University to a sprawling campus in North San Antonio. In 2006, Valero Energy Corporation had $90 billion in revenues and was ranked number one by Fortune Magazine as the best big company employer.

Toyota Manufacturing Texas

Toyota is one of the very best things that could have ever happened to San Antonio. The job market in San Antonio saw tremendous expansion beginning with the construction of the plant and currently jobs within the plant and it's supporting vendors based either on the Toyota property or surrounding areas. Toyota San Antonio fits well in Bexar county and its presence has resulted in the catalyst for expansion and growth of south San Antonio.


Military insurance headquarters for service members both enlisted and officers. USAA currently has almost $100 billion in owned and managed assets and employs 22,000 people nationwide. USAA constantly ranks among Fortune 500 and Fortune 200 companies in various categories and employs a large number of San Antonio residents. The story of USAA's roots is an interesting one that originates right here in the Alamo City with 25 Army officers meeting in 1925 and deciding to insure each others cars. It's a great story about a great San Antonio company.

Southwest Research Institute

Southwest Research, as its called is a leader in numerous areas of experimental analysis including automation, aerospace sciences, geosciences and engineering research fields. Southwest Research Institute sits on 1,200 acres of land in west San Antonio and employs over 3,000 researchers and scientists. The research complex consists of many buildings housing an array of labs and experimental infrastructure that breaks through barriers of scientific study daily.

Tesoro Petroleum

Tesoro stock went from $1.85 per share in 2002 to well over $100 in 2007. In less than 5 years, Tesoro changed its corporate philosophy and direction to adapt to the changing worldwide petroleum markets and successfully emerged as a major global player in the oil and gas industry.

Boeing San Antonio

The presence of Boeing in San Antonio adds a tremendous amount of value to the city's aerospace industry. Boeing San Antonio is located at Kelly Field and employs around 10,000 workers. The aircraft repair and maintenance facility is surrounded by aircraft parts and supply vendors that emply thousands of people for the role of supporting Boeings mission in San Antonio.